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"I have been fortunate to have found Lucinda initially throught the doctor's office many years ago.  She did a complimentary consultation, where I found her to be very informed and wanting to help me with anything I was concerned with, and also wanting to educate me so that I could take the best possible care I could of my skin.  She did not push her products or services, she really listened to what I wanted to do and what I did not want to do.  I am so glad that I decided to go for that first MIcrodermabrasion appointment.  I have very sensitive skin, she was so cautious, not once has she ever done anything that hurt me in any way.  I gradually, through the years,had to ask her about products.  She is very knowledgeable about them, but again, she does not try to push products.  Her entire focus has been to work with me to educate me so I can decide what I want to do to help my skin to look amazing.  Today, I still do the Microdermabrasions, but also add a chemical peel to the back of my hands which helps the brown spots to fade and the skin to look good on my hands as well.  We also peel the skin around my eyes to help minimize the fine lines.


I also took my daughter to her when seh was in those teen years, and no matter how many timesI told her the first secret to great looking skin is to wash your face every day in the morning and at night, it just went in one ear and out the other.  It was Mom telling her that.  So, for a special occasion, I took her in for a consultation with Lucinda because she was experiencing bad acne.  My daughter listened to her, and she now follows that simple rule, plus wears sunscreen, which is so important and so hard to get young people to do.  I also took my daughter in for an appointment with Lucinda for a microdermabrasion prior to her getting married.  My daughter, her friend and I went to see Lucinda about makeup prior to the wedding.  My daughters friend had volunteered to do her makeup, and all the bridesmaids.  This friend has loved doing makeup but has not been professionally trained.  It was such a fun day with Lucinda and we all learned so much.  She showed us the right way to put on makeup andwhat tools ( brushes) she uses and helped us with all of our makeup questions. Lucinda shared her expertise about what works best so we all could look fabulous in the wedding pictures.


In addition,Lucinda even taught me how to apply eye makeup on for daily use.  I am in my 50's now, and my eyesight is not as good as it used to be.  With Lucinda's instructions, I am able to apply my eye makeup with confidence.  

Lucinda was not available the day of the wedding, so the only other person I trusted was my daughter's friend.  The information Lucinda shared helped make the wedding day makeup beautiful.

I get compliments all the time on my skin.  I could say it is genetic, but I look younger than my sisters!  You don't have to look your age, and Lucinda has helped me to be happy in my own fabulous skin.  I highly recommend Lucinda, no matter what age you are, or what you are hoping to improve   You will find her to be a very kind, compasssionate and caring Esthetician."


Renee J




"People usually think I am years younger than I am.  I attribute that to good genes, but also the excellent care I have received from Lucinda for many years.  Not only does she take care of my skin, but she has taught me how to look after my skin between sessions.   She provides a very caring and safe environment to pamper myself while helping to rejuvenate my skin. "


Jo B



"I cannot say enough good things about Lucinda!!  I started seeing her in late 2015, when I had almost given up on my skin after a DECADE of combating with adult acne.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable as an esthetician, she is a wonderfully nice and caring person who is genuinely interested in improving the look and health of your skin.  The skin care regimen and treaments she has designed for my dry and sensitized skin is doing wonders!.  My friends, family and coworkers compliment me all the time aout the difference!  I highly recommend her services! "


Sheila K



"I am grateful for Lucinda Johnson and the care and superior service that she has given me over the years.  She listens to my concerns and shares her knowledge and expertise to help make the best decisions regarding care for my aging skin.  The results from her recommendations and treatments have been terrific and I have been so pleased.  She has a gift for putting you at ease, and she goes above and beyond expecations to meet the needs of her customers."


Deborah B



"I have been seeing Lucinda for years  I first came to her because I was dealing with acne and everything I tried either did nothing or made it worse   She started out by educating me on the biology of skin, and then we worked together with facials, peels and a home care regimen that would help my skin improve.  My skin is so much clearer and so over the years we have changed the goals of our appointments from addressing breakouts to preventative care and anti-aging.  I feel so much more confident withm y skin and know that with her help, I am set up to have great skin for life. I have total confidence in Lucinda's knowledge."


Vanessa B



"Today, the market doesn't lack for personal care/esthetic services;  the challenging part is finding someone who is knowledgeable, skilled, and professional  I began seeing Lucinda over 2 years ago for one service.  Now I depend upon her for multiple esthetic services and trust her implicitly with the care of my skin because she embodeis all 3 of those traits: highly skilled, exceptionally knowwledgeable and always professional."


Rebecca N



"I have been a very happy client for several years.  Lucinda assesses each individuals skin and offers many different options for treatments.  I have seen amazing results from her recommended treatments.  I LOVED the results of the microneedling!!  Lucinda sincerely cares about the health of your skin.  The results-  AMAZING!!"


Barb S



Lucinda's facials are the perfect combination of a spa escape and a personalized treatment. Every time I visit, I leave feeling rejuvenated and pampered, with the glow of healthier, more youthful skin.


Sarah M



Lucinda is AMAZING!!  I truly am put on a pedestal every visit I have with her!  She exudes peace, calm and love which puts me at complete ease. Lucinda's knowledge of her craft is not only informative to me, it shows in my skin.  I LOVE HER!!


Kristi M



I cannot say enought great things about Lucinda!  I first brought my daughter to see her, because she was having acne issues.    As an actress and model, this could have kept her from getting employment.  As a teenager, it definitely was an issue for her self esteem.  Lucinda recommended which services whould be most beneficial, and in just a matter of a few treatments, cleared up her skin!  I noticed how radiant and beautiful Lucinda's skin was so I asked what I could do for myself as well  Every time I saw her, she treated me like family and I felt more confident and beautiful.  I have had several different types of treatments, and I'e been stoppped by random strangers who tell me how beautiful my skin looks! I am actually about 15 years older than most people guess!!  I cannot praise Lucinda enough.  I am so grateful for her help, and she is one of the kindest people I know.  If you want to look and feel amazing, this is the person you should see!


Karla M


Lucinda is not only a master Esthetician, but a dear soul who radiates clean, loving energy.  She delivers her services with warmth, professionalism, and caring unlike anyone with whom I’ve ever worked.  A facial from her leaves your skin shining and your heart singing.


David B



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Lucinda's Esthetics offers clinically advanced skin care treatments for men, women and teens. Treatments include: Clinical Facials, Chemical Peels, Hydrafacial MD, Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, LED light treatments, Laser Hair Removal, IPL Photorejuvenation, PIXEL Fractionated Laser, Rezenerate Nanoneedling/microchanneling, Lash Lift, Lash Tinting, Brow Waxing, Brow Tinting, Facial Waxing. Gift cards may be purchased for any service at lucindajohnson.glossgenius.com

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